Attention Users: UMass Drone is a research project focused on exploring the tactical and strategic wisdom of drone strikes and other targeted killing operations. Our open source databases provide detailed analytical breakdowns of a wide range of news reports on each incident. UMass Drone provides discerning researchers intent on putting the drones between their analytical crosshairs with as thorough and rigorous an accounting of the impacts of such operations as possible.

The UMass Drone Targeted Killing Database is currently exploring the casualties inflicted by US drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia and targeted killing by other states elsewhere in the world by analyzing news reports from both international and local news sources. We have begun with an analysis of U.S. strikes in Pakistan and are currently working to add analysis of US drone strikes in Yemen and Somalia, with plans to investigate other targeted killing operations launched by Israeli drone strikes and targeted killings by Russia, Turkey and Colombia. In addition to our databases, we also supervise a blog designed to apprise its readers of major events relating to targeted killing operations.

Matthew S. Fricker, Avery Plaw, and Brian Glyn Williams founded UMass Drone in the summer of 2009. Carlos R. Colon joined the UMass Drone team in the spring of 2012, and has made an enormous contribution to the project.

The UMass Drone Team has published manifold scholarly works concerning targeted killing operations, including: "Targeting Terrorists" (2008); "Tracking the Predators: Evaluating the US Drone Campaign in Pakistan" (2012); and "Predators: The CIA's Drone. War on al Qaeda" (2013).